Saturday, April 28, 2007


I tengah stress doing accounting assignment now. And it's just our luck to get a lab tutor who doesn't even know what the hell on earth she is teaching! She taught us to do one thing, but taught Sha's tutorial group to do another thing!



I am very pissed at her now. For what Swin take someone like that to teach us? Want us all to fail isit????

Ok, so she might be very smart in writing transactions and whatever accounting stuff she's good in doing (although I can't think of a single one right now), but she SURE AS HELL isn't good in teaching! For goodness's sake, she can't even talk properly! grrrrrrrr.............damn annoyed now. I've done this accounting thing over and over and over again, this is like, the fourth or fifth time I'm starting over again!

Summore, you cannot do anything wrong, cos it's all in order...if one thing goes wrong, you need to start from scratch... I tell you, if in the future I have the misfortune to get her for my tutor again, I will immediately march right up to the admin department and ask for a change of tutorial. I don't know hoe much more fo this I can take. My degree is SO not worth having a tutor like her.

AHHHHHHH *pulls hair out from the roots*


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