Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Labour Day and Wesak day all rolled into one

Yesterday was labour day as well as wesak day...

In the morning, my family and I went for breakfast at Foody Goody cafe! The laksa there was quite yum yum yummy... =p

Then, went over to the temple to 'wash' (more like, pour water over) the buddha statue. What's the significance of this? I'm not really sure, but we have to repeat the process three times, so I'm guessing the first time is for the birth, 2nd is for the enlightenment, and the 3rd is for the death. This is because wesak day signifies the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. Then, we took the blessed water together with the flowers to take bath with. bathing with this blessed water is for 'ping an' (safety) lar.

After taking the blessed water and burning the joss stick for my grandfather, we next went to the kitchen area to get the vegetarian noodles. I must say, although it's vegetarian, but they're really nice. My favouritest noodles would have to be the ones my temple people cook. They're not very oily, not devoid of any taste, and has the distinct aroma of sesame oil. Just exactly my combination ^_^

Later that night, there was a parade at padungan road to comemorate the day. Since I was working that night, I got a first hand view of the parade! Sorta brings me back to the past where I was one of the people in the parade, holding the candles in the hand made lotus flower, and singing songs. =)Haha...reminiscing when I should be working? Not exactly, because since there're road blocks everywhere, there's not much customers till after the parade. =D

All in all, yesterday was a tiring day, not to mention the fact that there were NS volunteers 'helping out' with the activities of the day..and by 'helping out', I mean standing around doing nothing and playing with their handphones. Seriously I tell you, out of approximately 100 NS volunteers there, only around 20 were really helping out, the other 80 were either walking around aimlessly, or playing with their phones, or talking amongst themselves. *shakes head*

Community service????

I beg to differ...

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