Saturday, May 05, 2007


I am currently in Lab replacement tute for Accounting, and as usual, I'm digressing to blog ^_^

I went for laksa again this morning!!! *jumps up and down in euphoria* Needless to say, I'm a laksa addict....but that's beside the point =p

It was a rainy day today, which was a welcome change from the past few HOT days...I had headaches just walking under the sun for less than five minutes. And the times when I WASN'T under the sun, I was feeling lethargic and under the weather, even though I know I'm not sick.

It's the weather I tell you!!! =p

So it's only 10:53 am, and already, fate has dealt me a low blow...When I came over to Swin after breakfast, there was no parking (it's a Saturday for crying out loud!!!!), I had to walk under the rain to Chilipeppers cos I have no umbrella (the fact that I was feeling romantic walking under the rain does NOT come into the picture), Chilipeppers is CLOSED (I thought they open everyday!), my phone credit expired and I can't reload for some funny reason that the Celcom reload network is down (???), and I couldn't find Ronnie (which had me walking all over campus to look for him, and I consequently found him and Library level one).

However, on the UP side......I exercised (yeah, walking around campus looking for someone can do that to you), I learnt more about parking skills (I had to squeeze into a little spot in front of Ron's car), and I learnt to include an umbrella in the car wherever I go (even if it's not raining)


Smile in the face of the storm...whatever that means


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