Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random thoughts

You know how when you walk away from a fight people call you a coward? But in actual fact you walk away because you know that if you stay, chaos will ensue. So you take the first step and walk away because you know that there are innocent people in between and you do not want to involve them.

So how does that make you a coward?

It doesn't.You walk away because you don't want to hurt your friends, who are stuck in the middle.

I should know. I was in that situation before. Regardless of when we are at odds or just trying to prove how 'ke si' either one of us are, I'm very sure that when I walked away that time, the person(s) must have felt victorious because I was such a coward that I do not want to stick around for fear of being shamed or embarrassed. However, what that person(s) doesn't know is that I'm not walking away because I'm afraid, I'm walking away because I want to protect my friends, I do not want to put them in a tight situation where they have to take sides.

I know for a fact that my friends are also friends with that person(s). So why should I restrict them from being friends with that person(s) just because I do not like them? Doesn't that make me an insensitive person? Doesn't that make me an inconsiderate clout? I know that I am not any of those things. That's why I don't forbid my friends to be friends with that person(s).

This has happened to me countless times, and I'll be lying if I say that I have come away from all this unscathed. People backstab me, they spread vicious rumours about things I didn't do, but I have learnt to turn a deaf ear to all this, because it's not what these people say about you that matters, it's what your friends think of you and how you view yourself that matters. In friendships and relationships, trust is key. Anyone else who only likes to drag your name through the mud can just go to hell. And for those who believe it, you don't know me well enough.

I have learnt to cherish my friends more, because even though they know that I do not like that person(s), they do not judge me for it. They are still my bestest buds and I really do not know what I would have done without them. They have been my pillars and have driven me to succeed in what I have done.

Those I really want to thank:

My FAMILY (very important, thanks for always bearing with me when I needed to let out steam)

Ron and Lil (you guys are the best anyone could ask for ^_^ )

Ehon (thanks for always being there for me even when we're way back in secondary school form 2)

Lyne, Sam, Cali, Ge (thanks for making form 6 so fun! I miss the times we would talk about nothing and everything)

Pris, Jo-jee (all those extra hours of bio ya...=p faster come back so we can hang out together!)

Wen Chung, Bern Lim (thanks for all those math tutorials and red crescent meetings)

Andrea, Dino, Anna, Angel (dance dance dance!!! must dance together again when we can! I SOOOOO need to slim down =.=")

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