Friday, May 11, 2007

Lately...these past few days

*note: I'm only doing this because SOME people want me to update =p hehe...

~ Calista's back!!!!!! had such a fun time chatting with her!!!!!! So Lyne, I know you don't like to hear this, but......bila you mauk balik? XD

~ Went swimming for the first time ever with my swinburne mateys + Cali at Stampark. The workers there still remember me! Yea, even after I have grown ALOT horizontally and haven't been there for almost two years! *Amazing*

~ Went for pizza after that! took alot of pictures and had a binge session at McD =.="

~ Shopping shopping shopping!!!!! Didn't buy n=much, just some teacher's day cards.

~ Secret Recipe has opened! but I haven't been there yet, as I'm still waiting for my 'secret admirer' to bring me there....

~ FIS assig is due next Monday, which is, incidentally, also lil's bday...HAPPY BE-EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Just handed up OM group assig, thought we did fairly well for it. Hope I get either a D or HD *fingers crossed*

~ BIS assig presentation next Tuesday. Hectic hectic hectic. Hope I don't get cold feet...

~ FIS is getting on my nerves....

~ That's all for now, I guess...^_^ pictures will be up soon after I get them from Shaman and Lil

~ Thanks for reading!!!! I have updated, so no more talk about me never updating yea... =p

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