Monday, May 14, 2007

Dog Dog

I went to Lil's cousin's house last week co sLil wanted to play with her cousin's dogs, Toby and Polly. They're both so cute!!!!!!!!!! Wana pinch their cheeks and hug them forever! ehehe..

So, below are some pictures Lil took when I was playing with them...

Paw...Polly likes paw..^_^

With Toby, haha...macam he like me litat =)

He knows when we wana take pictures of him...can look to the cam and smile summore


AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! They both so cute!!!!

Me rubbing Toby's belly

Toby has this tendency to run away and then run back and ram you with licks and kisses! summore, he likes to rebut attention from Polly. Polly, being the bigger sister, will sometimes let him have his way, but when it gets out of hand, she'll growl... O_o

Hehe.....they all so cute!!!! next time when I marry, I wan my future husband to get me a dog too!!!!!!!

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