Tuesday, May 29, 2007

new phone...

I am going to get my new phone tonight!!! Hehe....mostly due to the fact that my phone died on me last week....So after many many phone surveys, I have decided to get the Sony Ericsson w810i.


So???? nice right??? lol....Actually, I've already wanted to get it quite long ago, but Kyra and Li Tiing beat me to it T.T
So now, at the expense of being called a copycat, I shall nevertheless get it anyway. What attracted me was the walkman feature, the 2MP cam with flash, the bluetooth wireless technology, Infrared port, and not forgetting the memory card. But best of all, it's within my budget!!! and has no joystick or slide, or flips. Because from past experience, I have realised that canggih manggih phones with flip or slide of joystick, tend to wear out quite fast. So i have decided to get back to basics, with a bar phone instead! ^_^
By the way, since my Samsung phone up and died on me, I have lost all my contact numbers stored in my phone except for the ones in my sim card... =(

So I call on you guys to give me your phone number yea...whether by msg-ing me, or sending it to me through friendster okie??


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