Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OM Presentation

Today, we had our Organization and Management presentation. ^_^ Happy to say, that all my presentations are over!!!! and if I may be so bold as to say, that Miss Karen really loved it!!! Se even said that we had more praises than negative remarks! So I guess, we actually DID do well. I only hope we did BETTER than some 'kepo' person's group. Hmpf! Tak tahu menilai diri..

But let's not talk about him for now. Now, is our time!!! hehe...

Seriously, I'm really glad Ron became our project manager. Without him, I daresay our 'yellow and black corsair' would not have sailed smoothly. Without him, I'm sure we would have encountered many glitches, and we might not even have presented that well today.

So, here's a big THANK YOU RON!!!!!

Now, for pictures!!! most of them, taken with my new toy!!! hehe...but I'll blog about that tomorrow yea.. =)

In accordance to our tutorial organization's name, 'Yellow and Black Corsair', we had to wear at least a semblance of yellow in our all black attire. So, I decided to go with a pastel yellow ribbon from my St Teresa days...

This is Ron, our Project Manager, with his little WTP pendrive!!

The three of us, so corporate like, till Calista and Shaman even said we look like 'The Apprentice' candidates!, who will be the next apprentice? I'm guessing Ron.. =p

Don't know what a corsair is?? This is it!

Our sound system. We used this for our grand entrance ^_^ We played the POTC3 song, while we all filed in from the back, and bowed before Ron started the presentation.

Last minute touch-ups and reminders..

Our tutorial group paying full attention. We are all committed to making this a success!

Our slides background for the presentation. All courtesy of Miss Chai Li Tiing =)

Final group photo to mark the end of our tutorial group! we have officially reached the adjourning stage.

Finally, all pointing towards the corsair! We have reached our destination, and many many thanks to Miss Karen!!

Yup, Calista came too! In her words; "The dress reminds me of Betty Boop" =p

After that, we all went for a celebratory snack at McD!!! Yes, SNACK. -_-"

Me with Lilian, our lovely bookmark presenter!!

This was taken in the car on the way to Calista's house to 'jenguk' her little pics of the little rodents in this post...I'll leave that for another day =)

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