Sunday, May 20, 2007


ok, am typing this in the wee hours of sunday morning, so technically for me, it's still saturday...

Was at work tonight, and guess who I met! Joyce Kasing Tagal. yup! I haven't seen her in like.....................AGES!!!!! and she looks really good! haha...yeaps, she has long hair now, and it's been like, three years! ^_^

It was so much fun to catch up with her once again. and guess what..She's not doing engineering anymore. She's venturing into political science and journalism. WOW! so cool....

She'll be leaving next Saturday for an internship at KL. The paper's name is Malaysiakini. I guess most of you have heard of it, ya?

Also with her was
Sam Poh, and she had her cam with her! I am so gonna get a camera of my own...when I have the money lar, of course =p So, being typical vain people that we are, we took pics! hehe...but I won't post it up yet, cos I have yet to get it from Sam...

It's so funny, but Joyce says I haven't changed one bit. And that's seems that so much has happened this past three years. If Joyce says that I haven't changed, then does that mean that I have come full circle? *ponder*

You know, just this morning, I was talking to Ron about life in Form 5 and 6, and how I have made friends in Form 6 with people I don't give a passing thought to in Form 5. Talk about coincidence.. =)

*sigh* where have all the good years gone? it seems that everyday we are fighting a battle, with life, love, work, studies, relationships, friendships, with practically everything. The only trick, is to know how to let go and not let it bother you, right? well, easier said than done, methinks...

okie...wana get some shut again tomorrow morning...and FIS homework not done yet..


Oh ya, did I forget to mention that I met Feli at Bing!? With her friend from Semenanjung...Kenny I think his name was...and he has a Cyber Shot phone!!!! T.T I want one too.... *sobs*

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