Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Lebanon

Super late post ahead....

So, when ehon came back, me, him, anna, angel, and ge went out for dinner at Little Lebanon, a restaurant located at the old courthouse, in the heart of Kuching city. With the lavish interior design and all that, I actually feared that i didn't bring enough money to pay for my meal! O_o" But when I looked at the menu, i heaved a sigh of relief, cos even though there WERE some expensive meals, there were also some at reasonable prices. And it helped alot that the food Queen was there to enlighten us on what we should, and shouldn't order ^_^

But enough of that, here are some pictures =)

This is me, ge, angel, and anna ^_^ previous schoolmates

Me and ge

With angel

Me, anna, ge


Anna loves her sheesh kebab =p

The lavish interior design, where customers can actually lie there, and smoke some shisha

shisha bottles. Shisha is available at RM 9 per bottle, and is available in many many flavours, some of which are fruit flavours =)

The buffet table, for large dinner purposes, I suppose.. =/

Cheese bread. Reminds you of the Lembas bread in LOTR where Frodo and Samwise partake of in the third movie, right?

I had this, Chicken Shawarmi wrap

Ge's fruit salad...she says she's on a diet, but she's already so skinny!!!

Anna's sheesh kebab with pita bread, briyani rice (i think), and onions.


Anonymous said...

hoho.. we shud find another nite for another exciting dinner. more camwhoring ofcoz. XDDD

choulyin.tan said...

haha..I agree! =)