Friday, July 27, 2007

A New Start

So, calendar of events for my new sem ahead...

1. Registration on 31 July, which basically means sitting down with the rest of the gang on Monday to decide and synchronise our timetables..

2. Classes commence on 6 August, so gonna STUDY STUDY STUDY for this semester...nothing can get in the way now =/

3. A new sem means a whole new load of assignments..a friend told me that since I'm starting out in Year 2 now, assignments will be mostly individually based.. *bites nails* can die!!!!!

4. I found out on Ron's blog, by an anonymous commentor, that Corporate Accounting, the next accounting subject that I'm about to take this semester is worse than FIS (financial information systems) really need to plant my butt on the table now.. *shudders*

So some random pictures for now..

This was taken in the evening, at the smoking zone in bing! Little tea light candles..

The little new Zealand girl whose family came over to bing! for cute! she'll be 4 years old this coming 18th September... =)

Succulent cheries my singapore aunt brought over from singapore =p So tasty!!!! Definitely one of my favourite fruits/berries.. ^_^

Strawberries from over yonder from singapore =) A little sour, but still nice =p My mom says they're extremely expensive over there, so waste not!

One of the orchids at dad's pride and joy....every morning, he'll be seen tending to them with tender loving care ^_^

Took this a few days back...haha..looks like one giant jellyfish hovering above all of us

This one looks more exciting one big flock of (evil) birds chasing after a phoenix..haha, imagination running away from me =p

This was waaaaay was even my phone's wallpaper for a few weeks...such a clear rainbow in the sky...

Handmade a bookmark for myself, using the stickers we took the other day at hock lee ^_^ Can you see the little rainbow at the lower left hand corner?

Was at a loss as to what to put on the other side of the bookmark, so decided to creative write my name. Cantik kan??? *preen preen*

So, just another update, I finally told my lil brother how I felt, and we sorted it out =) Feels like a load has been taken off my chest, and am very glad that I finally took up the courage to say what I thought. Rest assured, that there will be more effort to communicate on my part ^_^



a n n n a said...

good to hear that u n ur bro talked it out. It's better to let the other person noe wad u feel than keeping it all to urself while the other person being puzzled n confused with things he had no knowledge of. :)

emmanuel said...

hey wats up? u r bout 2 start a new sem n am bout to finish a y didnt dey uniform the system a lil at least?

choulyin.tan said...

yea =) feels very good to get it off my chest ^_^

i'm about to start a sem. will be registering tomorrow, so hopefully i can get the classes that i want =)