Monday, August 06, 2007

City Day Parade

When you're living in Kuching, I guess probably one of the highlights of the year would be the city day parade held annually to mark the beginning of merdeka month. Usually, I won't be able to see the parade, cos I would be either too busy with training, or not in Kuching.

But this year, since I was working, and Jalan Padungan just happens to be the street every parade HAS to pass through, I manage to catch it! So here are some pictures for you to enjoy! All in chronological order yea ^_^


Big bike!

Smoking kills. =p The guy was sporting enough to pose for my camera =) Jabatan Kesihatan.

This is the Kuching Scouts Band. I saw Wee Khee! The st Jo one...not Wei Khee ya =p

Lim Kok Wing Students, all dressed up as cats! Sadly, couldn't find Ah Ge...she would be the naughtiest one jumping around eh ^.~

Vandhini Society

Inti College

The parade stopped for a while, and I saw this little girl dancing to the traditional tunes of the sape (Traditional Iban instrument, kinda like a wooden guitar) =) So cute!

Swinburne Sarawak! There's Gary on the further left ^_^ They're dressed up, cosplay style

This here, is "Naruto". But I don't know who is he in real life tho =p *sorry*

Can you see Mr Wilson? He's the one in spectacles. =) My Introduction to Business Information Systems teacher, in which I got a High Distinction! ^_^

More cosplay....apa itu Gary buat???

Poor soul....the guy looks tired holding the sign...

Green Road school band

Ketupat, anyone???

My alma mater, St Teresa =)

Sexy kids posing =) Ada gaya

This is the name Cikgu Sabri gave us(the traditional dancers group) when we were still in St Teresa. I felt so proud because I was once in the group =)

Look at all the beautiful costumes

Chung Hua Middle School Band

Haha! This little lion so cute! You should have seen it on the poles. wasn't in time to snap any pics could only catch this little feline acting cute =p

So, that's it. But that's not all the pictures of every group lar, if I were to get a picture of every group, I think there will be 100 over pictures!

Sad to say, ST Jo didn't send in their band. Wonder why... *Ponder* I was watching out for them when Junaidi came up to say hi to me, and when I asked him, he said St Jo didn't want to enter. hrm...


Robin Wong said...

oh well, is that not obvious? Josephians JUAL MAHAL, thats why.
Josephians suck !! ahahah..
Ok i better stop before I get my head chopped off.

zewt said...

hmmm... since when scouts have band!!??!?!?!?!!?????

Ehon said...

i strongly disagree with robin. so malaysian lar him! :P hasty generalisation! boooo..

st joe band lost state level so malu. :P im just guessing.

choulyin.tan said...

bias lar you.... -_-" St Jo not that bad ok.. =p

yea, apparently, almost every organisation in Kuching has a band. We are a very musically inclined lot you else would we have the RWMF? =)

yea, I think so too. Lost, so malu want to show their face at the parade...=(

emmanuel said...

swinburne was cool! looked like a game 2 me. sumtin like tekken on ps2 n stuff. i was dancing 4 inti college! it was a nice event!i had only few pics on my blog cos i was busy

silveraven said...

wah! st jo lost at state level ah??? haih, really lah them - no maintainance of standard one!

then again, where's the st teresa band??? they didn't join also kah? :(

choulyin.tan said...

you were there? didn't see you =(

yea, st tre didn't join also...but they're not marching band right? brass band eh..

Ivor Yong said...

nope, they're more bz preparing for the international competition in kl this year, anyways wad's the point of going to parade if there's nothing to show off for this year since they lost... i agree wiv ehon, obviosuly the situation would be unbearable for the band to appear, plus the band's not getting paid to do it anyway, it's jus formality's sake

Anonymous said...

Hey there.. nice pics you got there ^^ Yup, if you took pics for the whole parade, you'll get over 1000 photos ^^" BTW, I'm one of Gary's frens from Swinburne XD

choulyin.tan said...

hrm....I agree with what you've said. There's gonna be an international competition in kl? can they still go? i mean, since they lost and stuff, sarawak still sending them? Or isit a go on you own kinda thing?

thanks =) lucky I didn't take too much pictures, or else my blog will flood =p hope you liked my blog =)

Anonymous said...

wow.. u know gary too.. wakkaka
kuching so small ... :P