Sunday, August 05, 2007

Marathon Runners

I was working last night, and who would’ve come to brighten up my day, but my close uni mates! Ron, Lil, Wei Khee, and Shariman =) had a great talk with them for a few minutes ^_^

We were discussing our university life, and also gossiping about some pour souls lar (but I will NOT go into that) when Lilian likened us to marathon runners….

In the first twenty kilometers, we all started off at a lively gait, all five of us running together, having the time of our lives, with the passion of getting good grades pushing us til the end..

By the next forty kilometers, two of us had fallen behind, leaving three of us to struggle to catch up….

By the next sixty kilometers of the marathon, two more had fallen, with only one sole survivor, trying to keep the torch of passion for studies lit.

So who knows what will come at the end? Will we all reach together, or at our own pace?

Go figure. There are so many marathon runners in our midst, all wanting to reach the end goal, but with so many obstacles holding them back, it’s hard to keep in sight why you work so hard to achieve what you dream of achieving. Isn’t it easier to just drop out of the race, and fade into the backdrop?

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


Robin Wong said...

so philosophical.. and "cheem"...
I tend not to look at life as a marathon or any type of race. Sometimes, it does not really matter who gets there first, but rather, how you get there, and in the end, what you have gained, and "what you bave become" by getting there. The journey itself is important, and if you sacrificed everything, just to get there first, being the quickest, you may have lost some precious, or never got the chance to know a few priceless things that you could have picked up if you do it on the slower pace.
Life is not a race, but a journey. It all comes down on how you make your journey a meaningful, and above all else, a happy one. Winning and achieving something (being the first in the marathon) are not everything.

mrronnieteo said...


am still laughing at the antics we made abotu racing against each other! like:

*choo choo!* Xp

*struggling to run*sweat*

*aaargh! my torch!!*


Rei said...

Good metaphor for uni life. Dropping out is easy, but what comes after that is unknown... and the unknown is scary.

That's why everyone is still trying to make it to the end, I suppose.

Ehon said...

i disagree that uni life is a marathon. i mean, it is tough at times but most of the time, it's about time management, and knowing how to make full use of it. :)

i duno. :P my mind's not working very well at the moment.

choulyin.tan said...

I agree =) after all, as someone famous once said, life is not about the destination, it's about the journey ^_^ You also a very 'cheem' thinker huh? *wink*

remember what we portrayed for TD?!?! lol..

Li Tiing
yup, it all takes a little courage, perseverance, and alot of good friends around who have your back ^_^ When you have a combination of these three, you'll no doubt make it to the end, and be proud of it =)

hrm...maybe not so like a marathon, but I'm talking about life in general. Everyday, you face obstacles when you aim to reach your end goal, obstacles so great, that they tempt you to stop and just let go...