Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My list of 20 people

Okie, so here goes my list of 20 people, courtesy of a tag from Ron

1. Lilian
2. Ronnie
3. Ehon
Wei Khee
5. Shariman

6. Calista
7. Brendan Chin
8. Arlyne
9. Samantha Joseph
11. Jo-jee
12. Edward Tang
13. Ivor
14. Andrea
15. Anna
16. Angel
17. Eleanor
18. Ping Ping
19. Vivian
20. Chen KY

How did you meet 14? (Andrea)
Well, we met when we’re still in St Tre…I think the love for dancing brought us together =)

What would you do if you had never met 1? (Lilian)
I think I would die and fall off the face of earth. =p Haha….no lar, but if I had never met her, I guess I wouldn’t be as crazy as I am now =p

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated you? (Chen & Sam)
Well, Chen almost did, so I wouldn’t comment on that…as for Sam, didn’t we date all the time when we were in class?? Lol..all those talks…*sigh* still miss them =(

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? (Angel & Eleanor)

Describe no 3 .. (Ehon)
Well, my little famous smart brother, who’s a Reach Out ambassador, and who loves to help people in need. He has a soft spot for all his friends, and you can always count on him to cheer your day up with a smile

Do you think 8 is attractive? (Arlyne)
Do I think the sky is blue? Of course she’s attractive! She looks even better up close and personal ^.~

Do you know anything about no. 12's family? (Ed Tang)
Erm, not much…

Tell me something about 7.. (Bren C)
Super friendly dude. You leave him in a room full of strangers for two minutes, and he will have already found five (or more) friends =)

What is no 18's favourite? (Ping Ping)
Hanging out with Sam, I guess… ^_^

What languange does 15 speak? (Anna)
English, Hokkien, Bahasa Melayu, Hakka??? Wait….DEFINITELY Foochow

Who is 19 going out with? (Vivian)

How old is 16 now? (Angel)
My age! Although she doesn’t actually turn 21 til November (I think) this year..

When was the last time you talked to 13? (Ivor)
Erm…few months ago, when we went out to celebrate his birthday

Who is 2's favourite singer? (Ron)
AVRIL LAVIGNE!!! And Enya as well ^_^

Would you date 4? (Wei Khee)
I guess I would…





Would you date no. 17? (Eleanor)
Have you seen her??? She’s H-O-T!!! of course I would date her…

Is 15 single? (Anna)
Yup, and loving it

What is no 10's last name? (Pris)
Jelining Robert

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? (Jo-jee)
Haha, my ‘Maria’ in crime. I think better not…cos I wouldn’t want to be rushed around with a broom in her hand forcing me to clean the house XD

Which school does 3 goes to? (Ehon)
Flinders Uni, Adelaide

Where does 6 live? (Calista)

Erm….somewhere near green road…but I think she doesn’t want her add disclosed

What is your favourite thing about no. 5? (Shariman)
His aloof attitude

Okie, so now….who to tag???

Seems like everyone has been tagged by this I'll just tag, and if you've already done the tag, then it's ok ^_^

I want to tag.....

One tag down, one more to go =)


brendan said...

i'm friendly?
oh please.
a little bit exaggerated, dont u tink? ahakz.

Chen said...

thanks for tagging, but i did the same tag liao last year ;)

choulyin.tan said...

rong han
no ler...I think you ARE friendly. In a good way lar ^_^

owh ok ^_^ no worries