Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thick faced people

Sometimes, I am still amazed at how ‘thick faced’ some people are.

Take for example, one scenario (lets call the person A, and it’s a girl). A asks to borrow your phone, because her phone has no credit. You , being the nice person you are, agrees to lend her your phone for one SMS. She takes the phone, and messages her friend, and continually hogs the phone for a few hours, receiving and returning messages with her friend, as if the phone credit is actually hers! When she DOES return it to you, you check your credit, and find that she has used up almost RM 5 worth of SMS! And she doesn’t even apologize for using up so much, and never even offers to pay up the RM 5 that she used.

Or another scenario, lets say you buy some chips. And (lets use A again) A wants some, so she asks for your permission. You say ok. She then takes a handful of chips, and happily munches away. You have work to do, so you leave the bag of chips with her, when you have only eaten a few. After you’ve finished your designated task, you come back, anticipating the bag of chips you’ve left behind. Then you find out, that A has finished the whole bag! As usual, she doesn’t apologize, and doesn’t show remorse even when you have told her off. She never even offers to buy you another bag!

Another scenario. You’re both at work, and there are a lot of customers. You have your dinner first, and agree to have your meal faster, in order to be able to cover her later. So you eat quickly, and then it’s A’s turn. She then has her dinner, and takes up to one hour! There are so many customers and you have to call out to her repeatedly to hurry up, and she STILL takes her sweet time. In the end you explode, and gives her a piece of your mind. She looks at you blankly, and then walks away, leaving you fuming in her wake.

So there you have it. Three different scenarios, all with the same characteristic. ‘Thick faced’ people. *shakes head* there are still people like this? Even when we pride ourselves on being courteous, and tolerant.

What is the world coming to??


Robin Wong said...

hey hey..

Nolah, I do not think they are thick-faced. I think they are just plain inconsiderate, selfish and ignorant.

thick faced people do things without shame, which could be a good value in certain contexts.

zewt said...

are we talkin about the same A in all the scenarios? hehe...

i have had scenario 1 before... that fella offer to pay me back... but i said no need la.. how to actually ask for money? right?

choulyin.tan said...

haha..all the same, these kind of people, we can all do a little less of =) but of good value in certain contexts???

well......yea, I guess you can say that =p I agree, it IS hard to ask for money.