Monday, September 24, 2007

Migration to KL

well, big sis Choulyee has left Kch for greener pastures in KL...

Can't say I'm delighted, but it's a big step for her, and I'm glad she has made that decision. ^_^

She'll be leaving Sarawak Biodiversity Centre in Kuching for Nilai International College (not sure of the full exact name though, never thought of asking her =p).

So anyway, life here in Kuching will be one person less hectic! haha...and there will be one person less 'rebut-ing' the car with me *winks* will also be one person less interesting. =(

Haha, had to push her around in the trolley cos she couldn't walk around fast enough after her heel operation..

With her all the way in KL, there will be no more pillow talks late into the night with the three of us (yee, yin, yew), no more arguing about nonsense (yes, I actually liked those inane shouting matches -_-"), no more gossiping sessions (we're one bunch of old ladies), but lastly, no more running up to her with my problems and talking them out with her (cos even though she's small in stature, she's big on solutions, and is always with a clear head)

Most of the time when we argue, it will always be her who says 'sorry ' and tries to initiate contact...and the big ego in me would just brush her off and give her the silent treatment =p But after a while, the guilty fellow in me would eventually win the inner battle, and then, I'll slink back to her and apologize. And her being the 'mulia hati' person that she is, she'll forgive me and all is well again ^_^

I really love the times when we can just be our crazy selves, and make jokes and laugh at each other in public without taking into account the faces that would be looking around at us in puzzlement.

I know that it'll be awhile before the three of us can meet up for our 'bonding' sessions again, but I'm already imagining the many stories that we have to exchange with each other =p

Even though we can still keep in contact through msn and email, but times will still be tough when I've had a bad day and you're not there at home for me to fall back on...You've been one source of inspiration for me and I really mean it when I say that I look up to you as you're one of my idols. Has been since when I was born, and will be, long into the future..

BUT, big sis of mine, no worries cos we can take care of each other here =) Just be sure to report to us immediately if Alex bullies you yea. I'll not hesitate to take the next flight to KL just to beat him up. Of course, all trip expenses will have to be borne by him lar =p


wei khee said...

wah seh. so emo. :D

choulyin.tan said...

haha...yea i guess...even when my sis go KL study oso not that I know she's coming back mar...but now I know she gonna menetap there -_-"

cyrildason said...

wow.. cute sisters you have there!!!

choulyin.tan said...

thanks =)