Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival

Lil came all the way to my house to hang this cute little lantern on my gate =)

Last Tuesday was the mid autumn festival! And we, the CPA Australia Student Charter of Swinburne Sarawak celebrated by having a barbeque at Ang’s house (which, incidentally, is directly opposite Angel Song’s house =p)

It was a potluck thingy, and I got shelved with the responsibility of bringing watermelon. And since I just found out about it on Sunday night, there was no way I could get one, dirt cheap at the Sunday market. So I had to go over to King’s Centre, and rely on my brilliant bargaining powers to get one of at least cheaper price.

But, wouldn’t want to bore you with all the details…just gonna let you guys enjoy the pictures instead ^_^

The three guys busy barbeque'ing away ^_^ with the sunset as a backdrop! (from left: Jacob, Ang, Ron)

Our president Ang, holding up the card our OC, Esther made for him

The many lanterns we hung outside his the evening progressed, one of them even caught fire! Dangerous... -_-"

The dessert

Chicken wings and sausages!

Besides the barbeque, there were also other activities...with the first one being the mixing and drinking of 'cocktails'. The cup made its round among us, and we were required to mix whatever ingredient we want into the drink...then, each of us gets a card, and the person with the smallest number gets to drink the 'cocktail' concocted by everyone...

The 'ingredients' for our cocktail....

I was unlucky number one -_-" Beside me was Ang...

Next was Audrey....who, COINCIDENTALLY was also sitting beside Ang.... -_-"
I tell you, sitting beside Ang was very 'tao mei' (malang, unlucky)!!!!!



Sia Mei

Lydia Tan

Besides the drinking, there were also exchange of gifts =) Ironically, it was supposed to be a random thing, with the aim being different people receiving each others' gifts..but by a funny twist of fate, two pairs got each others' present!

The candles I gave to Sia Mei (under), and the candles she gave to me (above)

The lanterns Ron gave to Sui Wei (right), and the lanterns she gave to Ron (left)

Finally, group photo!
Behind: Lydia Lee, Ron, Esther, Ai Ling, Sui Wei, Sia Mei
Middle row: Yii Fung (Jacob), Hui Yu, Me, Annie, Audrey, Lydia Tan
Rasa diri kacak in front: Ang

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