Friday, September 28, 2007

Advertlets $$ opportunity

I was first introduced to “ - Blog Advertising in Asia!” through a Sam's blog, and I have seen many other people earn $$ from here, so another opportunity for me to earn more $$ had arrived! =p Haven't cashed out from Advertlets before, and so I'm hoping this would be my time =p

I must say, a very big thank you to Josh Lim for giving us bloggers another opportunity like this to earn money =) So very looking forward to hoping to cash out from Advertlets =D

So what would I do once I receive my cheque? Well, of course, my priorities would be my studies, so it would go into my university fund. It's not much, but it's something =D As I come from a mediocre wealth family, can't say that $$ is easy to come by, but I know that my parents are doing their best, and it's only fair that as their daughter, I should help in any way to help them reduce their financial burden. =) After all, I have one more little sister in Form 5 now, and she will be heading off to uni soon (if she doesn't go F6 lar).

For more information, go here *click*

Of course, any Advertlets user can participate in this opportunity, provided that you haven't cashed out from Advertlets previously ^_^ Once again, thanks to Advertlets for creating another opportunity for us bloggers to earn more $$! Hopefully in the future there will be more opportunities like this for us, and more future versions of catscity cliques for us here in East Malaysia.

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