Tuesday, October 02, 2007

International Day of Prayer for Peace

Dear friends,

Here in Malaysia we would like to heed the above call for solidarity by playing our own small part. La Salle Centre, in collaboration with the Malaysian Lasallian Youth Commission, invites all of you to join us in a nationwide, month-long Lasallian initiative to show our support towards a movement of peace.

21st September 2007 is the United Nations’ sanctioned International Day of Peace. Starting September 21st, we invite you to come up with ways to be part of this worldwide prayer for peace, together with our Lasallian brothers and sisters from all over. For one month, we invite you to live a simpler less-lavish life, maybe cut down on movies or dining out, or SMSes or even take up fasting for a day or two together with our Muslim friends.

The money we would have otherwise spent would be collected and channeled to a peace initiative like Mercy Malaysia or other local charity organisations to help further their efforts in bringing hope and peace to troubled areas. Whatever simple act you choose is fine, as long as it’s sincere and comes from the heart. =)

The culmination of this one month, 20th October, will see Lasallians and the public coming together for an inter-religious gathering in their respective regions all over the country, to celebrate our hopes and prayers for peace of the world. At this gathering, you can choose to perform a symbolic act, like paint a mural or light candles or write letters to Heads of States, in solidarity with people all over the world who do not get to enjoy peace like we do.

We hope for your support in realising this month-long initiative. Let us play what small role we can and contribute to the universal prayer for peace.

Thank you and Salam La Salle

The Sarawak regional Lasallian International Day of Prayer for Peace would be held as follows:

Day : Saturday, 20th October 2007
Venue : Auditorium Tan Sri William Tan, St. Joseph's Secondary School
Time : 7:45 p.m.

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