Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Borneo Games day 1

Today has been the first day of the Borneo Games for the athletics division. We had to wake up e-a-r-l-y to get to school on time as the bus leaves at 6.30 am sharp. I was still a little bleary eyed when I got off the car to meet the other liaison officers at the gate to St Joseph's School.

When we arrived, the sky was dreary, and it threatened to pour..30 minutes later, it did. It was raining cats and dogs, and the poor prefects and scouts had to get the field ready in the rain.

Pictures from the night of the briefing and the first day:

The programme book for the Games for athletics

St Jo old boys perusing the book, with such rapt attention. which is more than I can say for Salem =p

Thats me, the liaison officer for WP Labuan

The sign says "Jangan Keluar Dari Sini" (Don't exit from here)...and what is Trigwell doing?!?!

This is worse -.-"

Me and Trigwell ^^

The spirit of Borneo

The banner hung outside the stadium

The early morning sight

The new grandstand

Apparently when we were out to lunch, one scout jumped off from here, and fractured his leg. It was an internal fracture, and the Kuching High Red Crescent Youth Unit tended to him. BUT....they went about it the wrong way...they massaged it instead of immobilizing it! I really take my hat off to them. Such great talents... -.-"


The long jump area, which apparently wasn't long enough, til they had to move to the new stadium to have the event.

LO's breakfast!

We went to KGS for lunch, and the scenery there just takes my breath's amazing

So peaceful..

Lilian and I

Ini Ronnie having his pseudo post lunch =p

The skies in the afternoon..sometimes I just feel that they have this unspoken synchronisation..

Malaysia flags waving in the breeze

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