Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Flat Tyre

Had to change my Kembara's tyre today...went out to do some errands, and after U-turning from my housing area, I noticed there was this plup-plup-plup sound coming from my vehicle. Not wanting to go out to check in the middle of the road, I decided the best course of action would be to drive back home to check it out. The whole way back, I was praying "please not let it be a flat, please not let it be a flat."

I got home, and there it was, lo and behold, a flat tyre. The rear left tyre was totally flat, with the rim already resting on the rubber.

After making some calls, when it was evident that there is no one to help me, I decided to tackle the tyre myself.


Nevertheless, I toughened up myself, and got to work. I got out the jack from the car, the curly thingy, and the nut twister (eh, I not a mechanic, so don't expect me to know what those things are actually called). I loosened the nuts, and used all my strength to get the spare out. Next, I went on to put the jack under the car, and took the better of two hours to get it up to the desired height.

After which, the curly thingy looked like this:
So, there are only two reasons why it would become this way. One, I have super strength and bent it out of shape. Two, the bloody thing is super soft, for a metal thingy that is supposed to be super hard. I prefer the first explanation =D

Eh, getting the flat out of its place is super hard ler..I had to stand on the nut thingy just to get it to loosen the nut! The whole while, to make sure I was doing it the right way, I kept chanting to myself: "lefty loosey, righty tighty!" lol...lame, I know, but it helps lar..

After what seemed like HOURS, but in fact is only two, I managed to change the whole tyre. But cos after years of not being used, the spare has not much air left in it. So I drove it to the petrol station and pumped some air into it, and now, my car is healthy again! =)

But don't go calling me now if you have a flat. I don't want to sacrifice my parking space at Swin.


Ehon said...

honestly, and seriously, i've never changed a flat tire. :P

choulyin.tan said...

well, I've changed two in my lifetime =p

Chen said...

i ditto with Ehon.
*keep fingers crossed* ;)

choulyin.tan said...

haha, thank you =)
no worry lar Chen, you sure ada manyak manyak lelaki help you wan ^.~

Zhang BeiHai said...

hi Choulyin, didnt know you had a blog, just dropping by

Anonymous said...

wahhh.. iron lady!!
i've never changed pancited tayar before and i noe who to call for directions if that ever happens. ^^

choulyin.tan said...

path eon
hey path eon, thanks for dropping by =) hope you liked it ^^

haha..I can only guide you through the process =p Too tiring to do it all over again ^^

Anonymous said...

I have tried changing tyres before.. and I hate it.. I'd drive to the mechanic if i were you..:P

Anonymous said...

never changed a yire myself!! Go Girl!

choulyin.tan said...

well, the tyre was already looking in a sad state. I was worried if I drive it to the mechanic, which is quite far away, the wheel might explode or something..haha

haha, thanks =) thanks for dropping by ^^

Rei said...

:O You, like, totally rock.

I salute your tyre changing skills.

choulyin.tan said...

haha..thanks alot! But it really took alot out of me...was bathing in buckets of sweat after changing that one tyre =p