Sunday, November 04, 2007

Public Speaking Challenge

Yesterday was Swinburne’s annual Public Speaking Challenge. And yes, I entered.

Actually, was thinking of not going the night before, as I wasn’t prepared due to the previous two tests for Corporate Accounting and Management Decision Making last Thursday. But I felt bad for skipping, especially since my lecturer, Mdm Christina Yin was expecting me to join and do a good job of it.

And so, I went =)

The competition structure was like this:

Two prelims, consisting of one prepared speech, and one impromptu speech. The theme for the prepared speech is : A sustainable environment for today and tomorrow. For the impromptu speech, we are given five minutes to prepare after drawing the title from an envelope.

Semifinals: Impromptu speech (Proverbs)

Finals: Prepared speech with the theme; Malaysia Boleh, virtual or real?

All speeches are five minutes long.

I had a great headache the whole day, probably due to the pressure of not knowing how I’m gonna get through the speeches. I think I must have gone through five bottles of water yesterday.. =p Even some of the debaters were asking me to calm down..haha..

Well, my first prepared speech was a little too fast, but I’m glad I got through it without having to look TOO much at my notes.

The prelim impromptu speech title I got was….. “A Midnight Visitor” -_-“ How to speak on that topic?? While preparing for it, I was cracking my head on how to make it interesting. Nobody wants to listen to a bloody boring speech on a thief coming to steal stuff and got caught, etc… then, four minutes and thirty seconds later, inspiration struck! I suddenly remembered an incident which happened to my friend, and I proceeded to relate the story. My midnight visitor? A squirrel. Haha…

The second impromptu speech was from proverbs. The proverb I got? Never trouble trouble, until trouble troubles you. Hah. That shouldn’t even be a proverb. That should be a tongue twister =p

But other proverbs in the lot? A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. Fish and guests smell after three days. Half of the lie is the whole truth. Everyone can navigate in bad weather.

The final prepared speech? I decided to speak on “How effective is the slogan Malaysia Boleh?”

And after everything……I managed to get third. Haha..won a prize money of RM50 =)

But I really wana thank my sis for helping me out with thinking of some of the points. Even though she’s way over there in KL, she helped me brainstorm to come up with points for my speech, and half my win goes to her =) so yea, I’m giving her RM25 ^^ pictures ^^

**But yes, I'll be publishing my post on the KL trip once I have more time =) and yes, I met up with my sis, and we had a great time chatting over onion rings and coke! =p

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Anonymous said...

heylo dearrrr...!! ur entry so long only managed to read 1st paragraph.'s the thought that counts! hence my dropping sum thoughts of you here too! eyyy miss ya lots. will catch up soon aight. tc ;)