Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Going to the beach =)

A few pictures from our day out to Permai a few weeks ago. It was raining heavily by the time we got there, so we couldn't have our picnic on the beach. But fortunately, there was a hut nearby, so we hid out underneath it and ate our stash of food =)

Happy to say, the rain stopped after a while, and we were able to have our walk on the beach and take some pictures! =)

Our bahan makanan =) Vitagen, Guava, Fried Bee hoon, Egg Mayo sandwich, Tuna, Ritz Cheese crackers, and Vanilla Coke!

We saw these at the Choice Supermarket at Semariang..so lets be childish for a day, and play with bubbles!

Can you see it hanging from our necks? haha..long enough til can hang..

Real marble that Lil and I saw on the rocks

Shaman show off-ed his crab catching skills, and this crab was the biggest we have seen that day. When he released it, it practically looked like it was floating on the sand by the quick way it ran away from us ^^

Lil, Yin, Sha, Ron, Wk

Foot prints in the sand...only one set?

Tai chi!

The four of us who went =)

Bubbly bubbles!