Friday, January 25, 2008

Life in Pics

XMAS 2007 was celebrated at Igloo, at the King's Centre branch...

We all had to fit into the little Igloo located at the side

Wei Khee is acting gay here...... =p

yea, we had our little gathering at the Kid's Corner! LOL


Cute clips Calista bought for us as Xmas pressies..there's moo moo, oink oink, baa baa, and cheep cheep ^^

16th January 2008 was Ron's 21st Birthday! and we celebrated by going over to the newly opened Sushi King at tHe Spring! Spent quite a bundle there too. =p

The array of food initially...

The beach pants we bought for him from FOS

Raw fish...forgot what it's called d though...

After sitting there for almost an hour and a half, this brings new meaning to the term "sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit".. O_O"

Jason bought a special deluxe edition Monopoly set, and one of the icons was a Starbucks mug ^^

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Tabitha Rani said...

hey hey.... i visited your blog =) i wanna come back to kch and go to spring so bad... =(