Tuesday, June 03, 2008

5th Sarawak Regional Lasallian Convention

Last week marked the end of the 5TH Sarawak Regional Lasallian Convention!!!! Success!!! An approximate number of 25 OT's were present to get the event up and running, as well as an additional 3 persons from La Salle Centre, Ipoh.

Would definitely have to thank the people involved in this event, namely Jonathan and Caesar (the co-chairs) who had many sleepless nights, Jonas head of secretariat for all the proper filing and paperwork, Patricia for the food, else we would all starve d, Azzeem for all the fun games, Norman for kick-ass affirmation pouches, Agan for the rectangles (you now what I mean =p), day chairs, who made sure the event was smooth running, Jardian and AAron for security and logistics, and those involved in smaller but equally as important committees, and especially those who have graduated from School, but still come back to help out for more --> Gary G, Jason Chang, Van Michelle, Gerard Lee.

Also not forgetting, those from LSC ---> Miss Doong, Wai Tien, and Isaac =)

Lastly, would like to give a million thanks to Pn Stella for inviting me back to help out in this year's event ^^

Altogether, 47 participants participated in this year's regionals, ranging from Form 4 all the way to Upper 6 =)

Theme for this year's regionals??? "Take The Lead". We urge those who are timid, shy, and oblivious to their capabilities to stand up and take the lead in whatever they do, to strive for their aspirations, and also to keep the lasallian spirit burning brightly within themselves.

Pictures coming right up after I get free from the finals =)

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