Thursday, June 19, 2008

Free again!!!

Yay! my finals are finally over! hip hip hooray!

BUT......with all the happiness, there comes the time where we need to sit down and make a list of all the things we will need to accomplish before the start of the next semester (which is one and a half months away, and which is a very short time mind you) =p

Btw, will be going to Melbourne in July!! for the International Lasallian Youth Gathering. Will be flying there on the 7th, and coming back on the 16th, just in time for the KL Industrial Trip that the cpaasc is organising for the accounting students. I shall talk more about these two events when I can yea.

After that, will be staying back in KL to spend some quality time with my elder sis...the last time she was back was few months ago and am really looking forward to our pillow talks and late nights..although, she has to sleep early nowadays as her day starts super early..but mine can start super late, so maybe will have to reach a compromise..haha..I'm pretty sure that by the time she's through her third client, I'll JUST be waking up from my deep slumber.. =p

But anyway, back to the topic at do lists for June and July:

For the month of June:
  1. Beach trip with friends!!!! Yay, going for another day of fun and laughter!! hehe..
  2. Swinburne Information Day
  3. Read up on Food crisis....
  4. exercise... ( I need to look good for Melbourne. A lot of cute guys there bah ^^)
  5. Debate trainings
  6. finish up all sssc treasurer accounts ( so many are lagged behind because of the finals -_-"")
  7. Many many other meetings that will keep my calendar packed for sure.... -_-""
For the month of July:
  1. Melbourne ILYG!
  2. KL Industrial Trip
  3. Serious bonding and parasiting time with my sis in KL (yay!)
  4. Read up on Food crisis...
  5. Meet up with as many friends as possible while still in KL..
  6. MAYBE travel down to Johor with a few buddies to watch the National Band Competition..hehe...a certain cute guy would be there, and I absolutely have to watch him in action..hahahaha....Lovena, don so jian ar!! =p
Hmmm...seems like I have been making a lot of lists lately (most of which are just preliminary), but the obvious would be that even though I will be having my holidays, I will still be super busy.. -_-""

It's a wonder I still get fat even with so many activities to handle and organize and all that running around all the time -_-""

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Zhang BeiHai said...

4. exercise...

Maybe join sdc in badminton, your two team mates have plans ;)