Sunday, July 20, 2008

ILYG 08 Day 3

Day 3 is the day we have our mass at Telstra Dome, the multipurpose sports and entertainment stadium located near Docklands.

As usual, we awoke early, and decided to catch the train down to Malvern…you know, have a new experience of using the train instead of the tram all the time =p so we travelled with the Hong Kong delegates, and had quite an interesting chat with Gordon, Kelvin, and Boris. They were sharing about how the students are not very passionate about LS, and how the system makes it difficult for them to hold activities and such. So I also shared with them our activities, our Lasallian Conventions, Regionals, LEAD, and Formation Team meetings. Only after we alighted at the Malvern station did I realize that Chris and Brendan were on the same train as us -_-“ they were so quiet, and we were practically talking the train down =p

When we got to the college, we were already late for the first session of the day, by speaker Archbishop Elias Chacour. But we settled down immediately and it wasn’t long before I was immersed in his story. It’s hard to find someone who still had love for his enemies, even after they have treated him with so much disrespect, even after they have disgraced him, even after they have put obstacles in his every path. He was a great speaker, but sadly, I didn’t manage to get a picture with him =(

We were supposed to be listening to the Archbishop, but Norman wanted a picture...

Me at Telstra Dome..the little curly thingys are the decoration

Great view of the Dome

After tea break, we had a second speaker, Mr. Jesse Manibusan. For those of you who don’t know him, you can google him up and you’ll find that he’s actually very famous back in Texas. =) he has a great sense of humour, and can easily get us hyped up and managed to send his message across. =p

Mr Jesse Manibusan

his T-Shirt so cute =)

After all that, it was time for us to get back to the hotel, get ready, and leave for Telstra Dome. I think if there’s one word to describe my stay in Melbourne, it would be amazing. As usual, the structure took my breath away…it was just a beautiful sight, mere words cannot begin to explain the sheer wonder of it.

Our seats were in aisle 20, row D. We got seated, and I was taking in everything. It’s a full scale mass, and there were people from all parts of the world =) There was even a Malaysian Delegation!! We wanted to go meet them, but they were in the executive corner (The Medallion Club, they call it) so we couldn’t get in =(

The mass...

A moment of silence and contemplation

Group photo with the Indonesians and PNG =)
Me, Varun, Desma, Creski, and Oca..sorry, i forgot the names of the other two Indonesians..

The indonesians were teaching us how to do the poco poco dance =) and the grou pjust grew bigger and the end, we had a group picture!

So mass ended, and we all went back to our accommodation, but Creski brought us on the wrong tram, and we had to walk back =( by the time I got to the hotel, my feet were aching, they were numb, and I didn’t even realize they were bleeding :’( But I was really tuckered out, and by the time I got back to my room, I just plonked down on my bed, and fell asleep…

I didn’t even care that I was cold. That was how tired I was…

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