Sunday, July 20, 2008

ILYG Day 4

I saw Swinburne!! but it was just a small campus..the main one's at Hawthorn

Day 4 is the day we had an overdose of Jesse Manibusan =) but in a good way..haha…we had three sessions with him, and he never fails to amaze me. He just had all this energy, and can really keep up with the crowd. Not to mention, his sense of humour is wicked!!!

Actually there’s nothing much to be said about Day 4 in Melbourne…it was a day full of sessions, and the closing mass at St Joseph’s Church.. =)

Sio, the 16 year old from New Zealand who's way taller than me

with Brother David, who started the ILYG Group on Facebook

There was supposed to be Football match at Telstra Dome, but there were no mote tickets, so then we couldn’t go. Therefore, we made do with some fun at equinox =) haha…Brendan asked me to dance, and I was like, no way…I have danced before, but never in places like this. Furthermore, I don’t know how to dance these kinda dances =p then Varun made a comment I couldn’t argue with..”you’re in Melbourne. No one knows you.” So fine, I went to dance…and I had a great time actually =) if you could call moving around in a minimalist way fine..hahaha…

But there was someone I met there as well, someone I could talk to, and had a great time with..and I’m stopping here. =p

Boris, Tracy, Amanda, and me. They are from HK =)

Haha…so then, everyone else left for WYD in SYD, and we’re going back…feels sad to leave this group behind, and I really wish that I could turn back time and relive all that again…minus the cold temperature =p the experiences I had there were extraordinary, the people I met were spectacular, the program was well arranged, the venue was awesome, and the relationships I forged there were unforgettable..

Brendan and I

Boris and I at the PAC =)

thanks to everyone who made my life so much richer just by being in this gathering, and thanks to the lasallian family in Malaysia who made all this possible..

Till the next gathering where we can meet again, Viva Lasalliana!!

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