Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sightseeing in Melbourne

The day after ILYG, when everyone has left for SYD, the Malaysian delegation decided to sightsee around Melbourne... Varun's friend, Kok Chin, brought us some pictures for you all!!

Exhibition Street...
Some person took this picture, and every single time he sees it, he goes all show off and proclaims to the world that he took it.. =p

Docklands, from left: Kok Chin, Me, Isaac, Varun, Creski

The fountain is even more beautiful up close ^^

I can't remember the name if the building..but it seems that the Uni of Melb students have their final exams here..some art something...anyone care to help me out??

Photo with a Vietnamese couple =)

We managed to see some protests outside the Parliament building


There's something very sweet and innocent about this picture that makes my heart melt

Gelato's at Freddos =) Apparently Freddo's have the best Gelato in Melbourne

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