Monday, July 21, 2008

Sometimes in Life

Sometimes in life,
you think you're all alone
You walk around aimlessly,
your life's like a dial tone

Sometimes in life,
no one understands you
You try to speak their language,
But fail to get through

Sometimes in life,
you think you've met the "one"
only to find out later,
that you are not his "one"

Sometimes in life,
you wonder if there's love
Will there be someone out there,
wanting to prove his worth

Sometimes in life,
you wish that he is there
You want the comfort and the joy,
the understanding you both share

Sometimes in life,
it's easy to give up
You want to throw in the towel,
ready to say "times-up"

But there will be one point in life,
that you will finally get your due
You'll meet the perfect person,
the only one meant for you.

~21 July 2008, 1725 Hrs

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