Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympics

The 2008 Beijing Olympics has now come to an end.

China did not disappoint. They had a spectacular opening ceremony, although they faced criticism for not letting the not-so-cute girl perform onstage. They had a great closing ceremony, even Leona Lewis and David Beckham were there!!

This Olympics saw the most decorated athletes of the Games, be it on land or water. Michael Phelps is now a living legend, as is Usain Bolt. Both broke coveted World Records, both exceeded expectations.

Not surprisingly, the Russians won the Gold in the Synchronized Swimming events, and Spain came in second. For the team event, China broke the mold when they outclassed Japan with their highly creative, beautiful and graceful performance, landing them in third place.

However, the Olympics also saw failures, Lolo Jones in the hurdles event, as well as the Jamaican Women's relay team who failed to pass the baton.

Finally, the Olympics saw our very own Malaysian athlete, Lee Chong Wei, play his way to the Silver. Granted, he did pitifully in the finals and has faced endless criticism, but how many of us can reach that stage? When you do, then only do you have the right to criticise him. Now he will get approx RM5000 per month after he retires. For Life.

Many tales of inspiration has come to light in this Games, which further strenghtens the human testament of determination and hard work.

Methinks, the main supplier of fireworks for the Games must be making tons and tons of money just for this Games.

Alot of effort has been put into making the games a success, and London 2012 awaits...

They have pretty big shoes to fill.


David Weldy said...

I totally agree with you on the Olympics. I was surprised at how well run and organized the entire Olympics was in Beijing. China is still a long way from granting their people the human rights they so very much deserve and want. But, that's for another day to discuss. Excellent summary of the Olympics by you. I still can't stop thinking about the Olympics four days after it ended!

LOLOZ -the- SIPOOTIEE said...

YES YES YES!!! I love Chong Wei!!!! It doesnt matter if he get 1st or not... So proud that he already manage to get silver... He's now my number 1 bf... hahahaha!!