Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sadness and Joy

Today is a day of mixed feelings. I spent time with my friends :) and Lee Chong Wei lost the finals :( But, why do we fall??? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. haha...I'm sure those batman fans will know what I'm talking about ^^

But enough about that, lets talk about today...went for a karaoke session with my council buddies, sempena pemergian kawanku yang tersayang, Nabillah Rafidah, yang akan berlepas balik ke KL menjelang 6 September :(

Me, Nabillah, and Winnie

Nat, Nabillah, Winnie

We went to Enter-K, which is kinda like Pop Wave (but I think Pop Wave is more expensive, if I'm not mistaken). They had those time release air fresheners, so the smell of the neighbouring cigarettes was not as strong as it would be. It was actually quite affordable, RM 15 for four hours worth of singing, lunch, and drinks :)

We sang a number of songs, which included Mandarin, English, and even Malay songs! It was apparent that the veteran of karaoke was Nabillah, when she sang all types of songs(even Mandarin songs!!) whereas it was a new experience for me, Nat and Winnie. However, Winnie got into the game pretty fast, when she selected and sang all types of mandarin songs, whilst Nat and I sat there for a while, taking in the new atmosphere :)

This is Nabillah singing her heart out :) Look at her enjoying it ^^

But we got into the mood of things after a while..haha...we sang so many songs, ranging from pop, to ballads, to classics even! Nabillah sang Sinatra's "My Way", and we were all blown away..she has such a powerful voice, that I wondered if she took part in the Malaysian Idol auditions few years previously...

Lunch was served at around 1 pm, so while we were eating, we took turns singing. The food was great as well, and it surely exceeded my expectations.

Our time was up at 3pm, and I could feel my voice becoming a little hoarse when I left...haha...

Group shot before we left the place

the view of the entrance to Enter K

It was such a great experience, that I hope to be able to go back again someday

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been there yet :D

But definitely will go one day after seeing such a good review from you :)