Monday, August 04, 2008


So, this is the week my semester officially starts...this is the week I will get to my lectures and see what lecturers I get...this is the week I see what tutors I get...this is the week I see what kind of workload I will have from the subjects that I'm taking...this is the week I plan my time for the next 14 weeks to come to achieve my goal.

There's only one problem.


Bloody admin people promised us that the timetable for continuing students will be out latest by Sunday (which is cutting it a little too close if you ask me). Well, it's now Monday, and I have yet to receive my timetable.

All they did was post up a list of all the subjects' lectures on Blackboard, and asks us to attend lectures first for the subjects we have enrolled in. Thing is, they asked us to enrol for 7 subjects. Not knowing which subjects we are going to be enrolled in, does that mean that we have to attend ALL 7 lectures? I suppose we don't have to, but in order to not be left behind and wondering what the lecturer will be saying next week, we have to go for the classes

Now, this whole scenario begs one question. Why does the Swin admin require us to enrol online by 4th July if they are going to be so slow in processing our enrolment? The answer given to us is this: "We want to gauge how big the class will be, and plan accordingly."


If you really wanted to gauge the class size, wouldn't it be a better solution to enrol them as they come, then estimate the number of students after enrolling all of them? Saves time, saves headache, saves money (no need claim OT la...), saves frustration, saves wrath of students, definitely leaves more time to process the influx of incoming freshmen in the new semester.

Swin has been in the business of enrolling students for as long as they are established here. Since 2000 if I'm not mistaken. So why are they still so inefficient at enrolling continuing students??

And that is NOT taking into the account the fact that the arrangement of the lectures are terrible. I am planning to take four subjects this semester. But I'll list down the lecture times of the 7 subjects that I enrolled for

8:30-10:30 = Analysis for Competitive Advantage
8:30-10:30 = International Business Law
10:30-12:30 = e-Marketing
12:30-2:30 = Auditing
2:30-4:30 = e-Customer Relationship Management

12:30-2:30 = e-Commerce
12:30-2:30 = Company Law

The classes I'm planning to take are highlighted in red. But since I do not know which classes I will be given, I have to go for all 7 of them. That means 8 straight hours of classes on Monday, with no break whatsoever in between, and no time for lunch even. I have to rush from one building to the next, since they are on different blocks and by the time I reach the lecture room, I will be out of breath and can't concentrate. That's not to mention the fact that I will be having an input of so many different subjects that I might even get confused..

So you tell me. Do I or do I not have a right to be upset???


kyRa said...

i'm upset too. i hv 2 rush frm block 2 block. my feet r so painful n growing bubble soon.

Anonymous said...

hello choulyin,

i do have problems when the semester start.. but now its already a month my semester start n i think i dun hav problem now. dun worry.. gud luck on ur new semester

choulyin.tan said...

yea..I really do not understand they way they operate..why must they make something so simple become so complicated?

haha...It's always the beginning of the semester that causes the most headaches. Let's just hope that this will get over soon

Anonymous said...

why the company is 2:30 to 4.30pm? Just now I attended was 12.30-2.30pm

choulyin.tan said... type wrong IS at 12:30 pm just bad