Saturday, August 02, 2008

A new month...

Well, the month of August is here, and with it, comes new responsibilities, and old commitments.

I am going to be entering my final year this August, and two more semesters to fast time flies..seems like just yesterday that I enrolled into Swinburne, all wide eyed with wonder (or was it fear of the unknown???) and met new friends. I still remember the confrontation I had with a fellow course mate in my first semester, and when I think about how we are working together now in the same committee, it really makes me want to laugh. :)

It's so hard to imagine that one and a half months ago, I was sitting for my final paper (Financial Management), already cheering my way to freedom and the holidays. Now, here I am again, starting another semester in two days, and waiting for my life to be as hectic as it was last semester.

It also means, more headaches, deadlines, stress, assignments, and events. And I can tell you what it'll definitely be LESS of.


Will be so busy planning stuff, executing stuff, that I will be sleep deprived. Furthermore, a new sem means less postings...but, will definitely try to make the time to chat on facebook and reply my emails..haha...

Wonder what my new timetable will be like..funny how we're starting a new sem in two days, and we have yet to receive our semester timetables.

Inefficient much???

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