Friday, March 27, 2009

(More Than) 60 Earth Hour

Hi folks,

Once again, the Lasallian family in Malaysia is proud and pleased to join in this initiative for 60 Earth Hour

1) What is 60 Earth hour?
The general shout out to the public is to be in solidarity with others who care, and switch off all their electrical appliances for an hour on Saturday at 8.30pm (unless you may be doing something like driving, or open heart surgery). This blackout should last for an hour. The idea is to raise awareness on our individual carbon footprint and our impact on the planet, and raise awareness of her urgent need for us to rethink our ways of living.

2) Why a Lasallian initiative?
Simply because we care, and we can. Therefore we must. There are many ways we could look at it. The planet does fit into the criteria of 3Ls. Surely it isn't far fetched to say that we are putting the planet last in our daily lives. So this is an opportunity to rethink our ways and perhaps this is the rosetta stone we need to modify our lifestyles.

3) What Lasallian initiative?
So what are we going to be doing as our Lasallian initiative?? In Sarawak, we are simply asking you to join us at:

Venue: Reservoir Park, Kuching (Please meet at the Red Crescent HQ Entrance)
Time: 2pm
Who can come?? Everyone is invited!!! (Lasallians and Beyond :P) This is not only something that are entitled only for Lasallians, but anyone who wants to make a conscious effort to preserve our Earth for the future generation.

What will we be doing??? We will be gathering at Reservoir Park, and we'll be cleaning up the place.No need for heavy duty cleaning. Simply picking up rubbish will do. While you're performing this service, make sure you engage anyone you see; TELL THEM about Earth Hour and why you're doing this.

4) Want to do more?
We're not stopping you! In Klang, those who are willing will be wearing sandwich boards with an environmental statement. So get creative, and get involved. You can give out pamphlets (just don't litter) or you can sing while you work. Just try to stay away from political nuances. We're doing this for our planet!

5) The catch?
For starters, Everyone should come in something GREEN or BLUE (no, shoes and socks don't count unless you're already ALL green and blue)
We will be taking a group photo at the beginning, and all along the way when we're doing work, and photo's will be put up on the lasallianfriends blog.

6) What do I need?
Garbage bags, cameras, and a clear understanding of the initiative. If you have any doubts or queries, please do not hesitate to sms me, my number is either 019-848 8887 or 016-856 7286. You can get me on both numbers. Of course, please identify who you are :D

7) What do I get out of it?
A self satisfaction at having done your part to help save the Earth a little bit more. :)

Please sms me asap to let me know if you are able to join the FT's in this initiative, and let me know the amount of people that are coming with you so we can estimate the number of garbage bags that we need to provide..hehe..oh yes, identify yourself please ^^

For extra information on (More Than) 60 Earth Hour, please refer to

Remember, everyone's invited, so even if you're not a Lasallian but wanna pitch in, you are highly welcome!!!

Together, lets do our bit to save this planet!!!

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