Tuesday, March 10, 2009

an unexpected surprise

Just finished off with FT weekend last week, and had an enjoyable time with all the participants. Even though there were a few road bumps along the way (we couldn't use the Audi, the caterer ffk us so we had to find a new caterer in two days, etc etc), everything went smoothly, and safe to say, everyone had a great time.

As is the case with the past two FTs as well, Isaac came down from Ipoh to oversee the programme :) However, this time he came not only as LSC's youth coordinator, he also came as a postman :p

Which is what this post is all about :D He was helping Kahon deliver my birthday + Valentine's day gift ^^

This is where I'll have to admit something. I have never ever pegged him as a romantic person. Lol, I was even joking with him two weeks ago that I don't see him as a romantic person at all. But after receiving this, I have changed my mind completely. And over the course of this post, you'll see why ^^

This little teddy bear piggy bank is full of stars that he folded for me. *melted* But if you think that folding stars are sweet enough, there's one more additional twist to it. Instead of using generic star paper that you can get in any gift shop, he used a different type of paper altogether. What he did, was take wrapping paper, cut it, and folded it all one by one.

If you think this is easy, then you try it. It's super hard, I tell you. As is the case with big pieces of paper, when you draw out the lines and stuff, you have a tendency to lose the straight lines and cut it a little out of proportion, and it will end up looking out of shape (I've tried this before, and only with A4 paper, and I gave up after getting it wrong so many times). So imagine the amount of care and patience he has just for this little project?? And it's not like it's just one or two or ten stars, it's a whole 'bear' full of them! I counted, and the amount exceeded 300 stars. *speechless*

Not only that, it wasn't just any ordinary wrapping paper, it was paper from a.e.i.o.u studios,with those little cute cows and cartoon wrapping paper that says 'happy birthday'. How can you argue with that?? :D

He told me he originally wanted to find a clear container, but there wasn't any in that type, so he had to make do with the little brown one. He was so afraid that the stars wouldn't show, and that the effect would not be great. But it needen't have mattered..the moment I saw the stars, the brown bear could have been black, I still would have been terharu la.

Of course, he gave me a card as well.. :) and written on the card was the number of days we have been together. The thing is, written on the card, was the EXACT number of days we have been together til the past weekend. To have given the gift to Isa to bring over, he must have made it way in advance. And to count the days til it reaches my hands, wah...I never knew he was so particular, and meticulous(I think there's another word to describe this, but I can't remember it).

I know some might think that the things he has given me are just generic, not too great kind of things, and maybe some might say it's cheesy, or cheapskate or what not. But that doesn't matter, because for me, this comes from his heart. It might be low budget, but I don't care. What really touched me about this, was the amount of time and effort and planning he did just to create this for me. And that alone, is enough. :)

Why didn't I see this coming? hehe..He has actually dropped me so many hints that he's giving me something, but I've just never actually considered it. I only thought that those are things he will be giving me when I go over to KL and can meet each other more frequently.

I think.....he probably took a very long time to make this. But he didn't want to tell me how long he actually took :/

Hehe...this is just a post to brag la :p I mean, when else can I actually show off kan? hehe...so bear with me la. (hehe..get it?? BEAR with me..:p *lame*) It's the end of the post d anyway :p

Dear, I *heart* U



kyRa said...

so, it's how many days?? may i noe?? heheh...

choulyin.tan said...

hehe..as of last Sunday, it's 65 days. Still very new, but am loving it :)

JV said...

wow... you know what... i'm surprised as well... the effort... i'm glad for you two =)

Choulyew said...

omg.. u so super lame lah...
"bear" with me.....?

But ok lah... at least ure happy.. gahahha~~

kyRa said...

new now not ltr... u gona love it more... luck wif u, yin.. cheers =)

choulyin.tan said...

hehe..unexpected right? ^^ haha, when I think of it, I still can't believe it :p

haha..I know la, super lame. But give me this chance to be lame lo..hehehe

thanks thanks!! :D we both jia yu our tong hua story ^^

Anonymous said...

So sweet of him ;)

My bf will never do this lor :D

mrronnieteo said...

la la la la~ Now I can oso jia yu tong hua story isit? :P

choulyin.tan said...

ah lost
hehe..sweet kan :) dun so fast give up, give your bf a chance lo..hehe..at first I also thought he wun do something like this wan..then he surprised me ^^

haha...boleh boleh :p

Choulyee said...

wah... so touched... he memang nice guy le... come to think of it, it is actually quite typical of kahon.. to go the extra mile for things and ppl he cares abt.. happy for you!! *hugs*

choulyin.tan said...

hehe...typical ka? hehe..thanks sis!!! :) *hugs*