Friday, March 06, 2009

Final semester

A new semester has arrived, and with it comes new responsibilities.. *sigh*

It's only the end of the first week, and already I find myself staying in uni for meetings, or purposely going to uni for meetings. It's been extra hectic for me these few days, especially since I'm also given the task of picking my sister to and from school, since my parents have other commitments.

This new semester sees me taking five subjects, two without final exam papers, three with. Out of those three, one of those subjects has a very very very heavy assignment workload, carrying 40% of the total 100% mark. The other two remaining subjects are heavy accounting subjects, which are Current Issues in Accounting, and Taxation Issues and Planning.

Thankfully, my classes are spread out over the five day week, with them being mostly in the morning, so that leaves my afternoons free for assignment work as well as extra studying. Will definitely need to focus more on my studies this final semester, so that it'll be smooth sailing for me.

Well, here's to a good semester *hopefully* and may luck be on my side :)

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