Sunday, June 07, 2009

Post 6th Regionals

Just came back from the regionals, and it was what I had hoped for, and more.

The co-chairs, Daniel and Choulyew

My affirmation envelope, and name tag :D (lol, sudah di-upgrade jadi resource person :p)

The theme for this regionals was "Break Walls. Build Bridges", and it's safe to say that I did my own fair share of breaking walls, and building bridges.

Ron, Lovena (JIEN President), me, G Chan (JIEN VP)

It felt really good to be back at the regionals, and while it lasted only five days (plus pre-con), it was the right dose I needed to gain back my positivity, and put my negativity behind me. Meeting back with the JIEN gang, meeting up a new b**** gang (lol, everything here is in good fun, and I speak with fondness for all these people), I just wished time didn't pass by so fast..

One could say that after five regionals, all this would seem old and mundane to me yet again, but it isn't. It's a whole new learning curve for me, because it was an entirely new batch of OTs, and delegates. Furthermore, I was entrusted with a higher degree of responsibility, which means facilitating two sessions, which were La Salle, and Action Planning. There was also more time to bond with the delegates, and the heritage boys, and my memories of convention was made all the more sweeter because of that.

As for the OTs, they were all so semangat, that it was infectious, and I found myself feeling young again whenever I was with them (I was the third oldest person there la, after Isaac and Pn Stella -.-"). While we had our fair share of mishaps, we pulled through in the end, through cooperation and an understanding of one another. I managed to build closer ties to the OTs, paving a common ground with them, and I really hope for a future chance to work with them, simply because they were the best :) especially after closing, when we had our OT presentation, and we jived to the rhythm of Jai-Ho!!! :p

lol, you see what I mean about feeling young again? :p

Closing vase, where the delegates were asked to write down what they felt they can do to break their own walls, and build their own bridges in their own way. This would be 'pameran-ised' (forgot the English word for this la) at La Salle Square when school reopens :)

Lol, the most memorable line I would take back from the 6th Regionals would be from Jacky, top-class #1 B***** of the closing committee:
"OMG!! You're so cold, you even freeze the Polar Bears!!!"

OTs for 6SRLC

It was a truly remarkable experience, and if given the chance, I would go through it all over again.
Group photo!!! :D

Gosh, I miss it already...

P/S: some pics were taken from Tze Ren's and Jas's FB :p

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