Monday, June 01, 2009

Sarawak Regionals :D

lol, I just realised I have more blog posts recently :p It's funny how you start to procrastinate every single time you need to sit down and focus on your assignments :p

BUT............................I have a good reason for procrastinating this time :) hehe..and that's because after the KVLC, and Southern Regionals, it's finally time for the Sarawak Regionals!! yay~ ^^

The long awaited event for me is finally here, and it's not so much organising it, it's more to seeing this making a difference in the lives of the delegates, to catch up with old friends, to work with positive awesome people, and above all else, I will be able to leave the negativity in my life now for a while, and bask in the positivity everyone there exudes.

It's finally time for me to recharge, and be positive before I go back to the dreary tasks at hand which are my assignments and exams..

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