Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dragon Whiskers, Fried Ice Cream, and the awfully hot weather

Went to Kuching Fest with me mates just now, seems like the Fest this year a bit potong stim lo, not much people wan. Maybe there are less people this year because of the h1n1 ppl are afraid to get out to crowded areas :/

We went around 7pm, and usually by that time there will be throngs and throngs of people, walking around, squeezing here and there, trying to buy the food that they like, pushing and stamping their territory on the available benches and tables..but this time around, it's like, still so empty, and the food stalls all macam only have finger foods..Of course, there were still some of those Thai food stalls, with fried rice, tom yam stuff, and barbeque seafood..but they charge exorbitant prices, and sometimes it's just not that worth it to purchase the items at super high prices, when you can get it for a lot less during the non-festive season..

But of course, that's just the calculative person in me speaking lah..everyone knows that when you come for things like this, you have to be prepared to pay the high prices. It's all part of the festive collateral damage :p hehe..

So what was there to do at Kuching Fest?? there were shows by an elderly choir, some kids, and roadshows by rice companies, car companies, credit car companies, insurance companies, also those companies which do direct selling, selling you those easy to use contraptions that can only be found in those tv I forgot what you call them...those episodes that sell things online, with those 1-800 numbers that will save you lots of money if you CALL RIGHT NOW.. XD

dengan kawan-kawan from my wushu days :)

There were also some flower exhibitions, but this year was very minimal..dunno ler, maybe they were trying to cut cost? So sad, there was only one orchid shop...and there are only purple and white orchids, not much of a variety....

Actually supposed to have a small pond in front of us, but sha din take that :p

I wanted to take lots and lots and lots of pictures, but no one wanted to take them with potong stim time must ajak tiing and jerome out, they the ones paling suka ai take pics wan, so at least I can have those memories with me, and take them out during cold rainy nights, and reminisce through them about the times when I was still young, and happy without a care in the world (lol, it's my old granny voice talking..hehe)

Me on the swing, in one of what I think is the last usable playground in Kuching :p

Oh yes, with regards to my title lah..hehe...we ate Fried Ice cream ( I got chocolate, Ron and Sha both got Vanilla), I bought dragon whiskers sweet for my adik at home (but in the end I ate more than half of it :p), and the weather so hot, there was no cool breeze at all :( so we were all sweaty and panas, and decided to leave a little earlier than planned XD

lol, thus ends my post for the day ^^ It was a great event lah, to be able to go out and have fun with my friends, letting my hair down, and being crazy a little, in light of the things I have experienced lately ^^

So everyone, thanks so much!!!!!!! *hugs*



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haha...sailou is family, and sailou's dear also is family :D


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