Friday, August 14, 2009

my years in Swinburne

This is dedicated to all my friends in university who have finished their studies, as well as those who will finish their studies soon :)

take care all!!!! and I will miss you all very very dearly :'(


When I entered uni, I thought I knew
what I was getting myself into
I never knew it would be different,
something totally new.

There were lectures, tutorials and assignments
All usually bundled up in a series of weeks
You had to be careful to arrange your time
Otherwise you'll find yourself suffering and weak.

Not forgetting the club activities
that you had to organise
Including all those sleepless nights
you have to sacrifice

liaising with lecturers,
external help and students
You had to tread carefully,
One wrong step and you'll get burned

It was tough and hard to handle at times
you never knew when you might break down
the pain and hardship are part and parcel of life
you had to endure it, make sure you don't drown

But there were also times
where you know you will pull through
because you know you have friends
who will always be there for you

Uni life is made interesting and bearable
from friends who are your beacon of light
they are your pillar of support and strength
supporting you when you wanted to give up the fight

Throughout my three long years in Swinburne
I've realised that this is what uni memories are made up of
they're about experiences, and learning from mistakes
not only about lectures, tutorials and classes

But most importantly they are about
friends you have met along the way
whom you know you will treasure
forever and a day

As I bid farewell to my university years
I shed a tear knowing I will never experience it again
the place where I have toiled and had sleepless nights
where I had nothing to lose, and absolutely everything to gain

And so I smile and embrace my future
Knowing the best is yet to come
I am opening up another chapter in my life
facing it with courage, self-confidence, and aplomb

~written 14 August 2009, 2:45am