Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm stronger :)

When I think back on the past year I’ve had,
I remember the memories we made, the times we shared.
I recall the sms’s, the phone calls and the msn chats,
I relive the trips, the looks, the time we held hands.

It’s hard to believe one year has passed,
Especially when it became harder in the end.
It’s hard to perceive that we could’ve made it work,
Especially when it came right down to the bend.

But end it did and I would be lying,
If I said I didn’t feel the pain,
But I know in the future I’ll be stronger,
And in the future I’ll mend.

Because this time I know better,
This time I’m better equipped
Because I know I can still function without you,
I can still live

Side note:
I still love “2 is better than 1” even though it’s been played so many times on radio and people are starting to get sick of it. There, SD, I said it. :p

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