Monday, February 08, 2010


It started slow, and ended slow.


Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday, be it through SMS's, Facebook, MSN, or calls. I appreciated every single one of your well wishes :D I truly felt loved, and you are all awesome people :D

I'm writing this in the morning after my birthday (when I should actually be finishing up my work) :p and I am personally really touched by your wishes.

I started the day by getting calls from my parents, from over yonder South China Sea... I can't wait to go back for CNY!!!

Had a movie marathon with Carrine and my sailou, with Jas joining in once in a while before hurrying off to look after a sick food-poisoned Ron (hope you're feeling better Ron :))

Received presents from my extended family, after I explicitly told them not to :p Thanks saimui, adik, and sailou for the bag :D I really loved it ^^

Thanks also to the uber cute Carrine for the rubiks cube :D I hope to master it one day ;)

Thanks to Shaun for the notepad from CIMB :p edition wan, so yea, ok la, will treasure it.. :p

Thanks Yew for the daily advice mug..I'll try to make it a point to spin and turn and point to one advice at least once a week :p

Thanks Yee and Alex for the Benjamins :p I dun think I'll ever use it..hehe

Had breakfast with Carrine and sailou before I sent them off on their back to Melaka, one back to BB :p

Came back to do laundry, then some work at home...

Left home for lunch with Raam and Secret Recipe :p lol...chatted till forgot the time -.-"

Left lunch and went to office to get some work done..

Left work and went to Pyramid to meet that little annoying brat :p hehehehehe (you know I still love you)

Sushi King for dinner with my beloved family :D I *heart* you all!!!!

Came back home, rested fifteen minutes...

Left home to meet Shaun for supper...and chatted till forgot the time again :p

Came back, and doing work, blogging, and staying awake til 4am cos scared later cannot wake up :p

All in all, a day well spent for this year 2010. :)

Random stuff that happened and talked and thought about:

*There is a difference between loneliness and solitude.

*No matter how learned you think you are, there are bound to be someone more learned than you.

*I wana go watch Kris Allen....but I have to go Johor tml morning (this morning, actually, but...yea, whatever -.-")

*Sat and watched Shaun score tickets to the Kris Allen concert :p

*No matter how much you think you know a person, you will never fully know a person 100%.

*If I had to choose between my sister and Kris Allen, I will pick my sister. :D

*It's actually very entertaining to hear someone recount their childhood memories :) *cili padi* still puts a smile on my face when I think about it :p

*God gave me a birthday present too. RM5 ;)

*Experienced a comfortable silence with someone. That comfortable silence that's ever so elusive, and only exists only with people who are accepting of each other. Lol...but tak tau that person felt it or not :/

*Yes, I can tell you everything. You're one of the few I can really open up to and not worry about being judged, and I really mean it when I say, thank God for you ;) *hugs*muaks*


Choulyee said...

Love this post! May your wishes come true! Glad you had a memorable day.. Sushi was memorable enuf huh... and the video that followed :)

Choulyee said...

By the way, I recently experienced a comfortable silence too.. haha, know what you mean when you are wondering if the other person feels the same way.. *hugs*

choulyin.tan said...

lol omg cannot mention the video :p it's embarrassing *shy*

even til now I dun dare to see what Yew filmed -.-"

yaya, the comfortable silence was one of the best parts of that day ^^

shaun said...

**AHEM** lolx

choulyin.tan said...


ahem apa?