Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question for the day:

Is it better to be the one he talks to for fun, or the one he turns to when he needs your help?


Choulyew said...

Depends if u like him.

If you like him, then 1.

If you like him as a friend nia, then 2.

WHY? cos guys almost never fall for the girl they tell their problems to. :)

choulyin.tan said...

walau...macam menusuk satu knife yang ter-amat tajam into my heart leh when you answer that...cannot both wan meh??

Choulyew said...

ermmm.. depends lo. i guess. if the guy is the sensitive type then maybe if you're 2, he will still go for you.

Like maybe u were 1 first, then he suka you, then he want cari topic talk to you, then you became 2 in the process and finally become 3!!!

3 = couple :DDD

my theory good leh