Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have made a (tiny) decision. I shall not (if I can help it, and if I don't really have an idea of what I'm actually writing) put blog titles on my blog posts. Unless they're making a specific point, and I'm only talking about one topic..cos I sometimes think I go off on different tangents every single time I sit down and type with no particular purpose in mind.

On the other hand, I have to try to stop blogging every other, this might soon be a thinking blog (if it isn't already), with all words and no pics at all (except for the ones in the sidebar (of which I really love, btw))


But what else is there to do besides blog when you're up at 3am, finishing work, and have no one to keep you awake? Well, technically got la, I sometimes chat with a friend, but that fella also sometimes get so caught up in reading stuff or doing his report that he replies spastically and sloooooowly (yes, I'm pretty sure you know who you are XD). So, in order to keep myself awake so I can further get more work done, I blog. And more often than not, I pen down thoughts.

Like, seriously, who wants to know about what I ate for breakfast, what time I reached office, what time I had lunch, who I went out with for dinner, and my toilet intervals? I think if I were to blog stuff like that, I myself might even be scared to go to my own site.

And yes, if you're wondering what's the point of this post, it was made in the first paragraph. The subsequent paragraphs are just a futile attempt at trying to make the post a little longer and therefore maybe waste a few minutes of your time.

Ha. I abit lame -.-"


mrronnieteo said...

wei! u say me isit? :P yesh i still read ur blog owkhay! and at least i got reply weh XD

choulyin.tan said...

hahaha....i ever chat with you till super late at night meh? and you anytime of the day also spastic reply wan la..not only late night..hahaha..but to assuage your curiosity, no, it's not you, so dun perasan lah..hehe

lol you read my blog tapi only reply when you think i talking abt you :p hehehe...and yes, I baca blog kamu juga :p wheee

btw, convo sudah confirm date ka?

mrronnieteo said...

belum lagi beb... omg i haven paid for my feess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!