Friday, October 29, 2010

Traumatic experience

It all happened so fast.

One minute we were laughing in the car about something, the next, my handbag was gone.

We were at the traffic lights near Solaris Dutamas, heading to Times Square to meet with a client. Suddenly, there was a crack on my side of the window, and we both looked up in puzzlement. I saw the glass crack, and there was a second knock, and the glass shattered. He reached in, pulled out my bag and we both started screaming. Initially I didn’t wana let go, but I thought if he can smash the window, what will happen if he decides to attack me? So better to lose a bag, than lose a life.

So, everything near and dear to me is gone. In thirty seconds. Poof.

So starts the arduous task of getting my affairs in order.

1. Cancel ATM cards.
2. Barr all phone lines.
3. Make police report.
4. Go to JPN and JPJ to report IC and licence and to make new ones.
5. Get back new lines for my phone

What you got:
Two lousy phones that’s way over their ROI
Old camera

What I lost:
My memories in those phones
My valuable coupons given by Baa
The beautiful bookmark made by Carrine
The beautiful blue rosary that I cherish
My IC and driving licence
My family pictures and pictures of those dear to me
My beloved bag given to me by my godsiblings (which took Harvey one whole day at One-U to find)
My beloved teddy keychain given by my moo moo gang on my 23rd birthday

What you gave me:
Extra workload
An infinite amount of hate for you and your kind

HOWEVER, though I have lost so many beloved items…I have faith. For He gives, and He takes away, but only to give us better things in return.

I heard many curses to those baboons from friends and family about what happened today, but this one takes the cake:

I hope your butt itchy but you cannot scratch cos your hands too short!!!



annna said...

OMG!! What a tragic! What a mofo! Crime rates are increasing and now not even safe sitting in own car. wtheckkkk...

Anyway, your last note to the thief made me LOL in my room at this odd hour.

Hope you manage to sort everything out asap! Take care & God Bless!

choulyin.tan said...

Thanks Anna :) hahaha it made my day also!!! you also be careful when you're driving kays...take out your important documents first esp phone or purse when you're in the car..just in case :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your butt itchy but you cannot scratch cos your hands too short!!!


LOLOZ -the- SIPOOTIEE said...

OMG!!!! That's scary.... where did u leave u bag?? at the back seat??