Sunday, May 29, 2011

So there was a spat of time that I have been overwhelmed by problems, bogged down with work, and generally just emitting a negative aura all around >.<

So I have decided that it is time talk about happier things, and count my blessings (even when they don't really involve me) :)

1. a close friend has just gotten a job offer to work at MilkADeal, and he's really looking forward to it

2. I finally have unifi!! fast, and efficient (for now la..let's see what problems crop up in the future)

3. a good friend from high school just got engaged!!!!!!!

4. There are plans to go travelling in 2012 with my LS besties

5. Sg trip this weekend with the Esentians :)

6. Caught God of Carnage with ah Boy (the image of Lina Teoh vomiting is still a little overwhelming)

7. Unexpected offers to meet up with friends always makes me feel better

8. the sis is expecting, and I hope names like Ben and Alfonso doesn't come into the pool of names to be selected out of a hat

9. HPDH Part 2!!!!!!!!! enough said

Last but not least,

10. I have thought about my future, and I have a direction to move to, a goal to work towards. All I need right now is to have the perseverance and faith to get through it :)


Choulyee said...

No. 4: Like :)
No. 5: Like too :)
No. 8: hahaha... don't think those names will qualify to that round la.. definitely not Alfonso... :P

No. 10: Super Like!! Jia Yu! :D

Choulyew said...

i like ALLLLL!!! <3 <3

see i read ur blog unlike u!!!! LOL