Monday, September 05, 2011

I know it's a little late, but....


Anyways, Raya this year fell on Tuesday, and Wednesday. BUT because Wednesday is another public holiday, the government decreed that Thursday also be a public holiday, so we have three days of holidays! And as is the case with us Malaysians, many people took Monday and Friday off, so there you have it, one super long holiday that stretched from Saturday until the next Sunday :D
Kena photo-bombed by the two fellas

It was a good holiday. I could relax without having to think about work, I got to go places, I camwhored (ALOT), I had many good talks, I bought more books to add to my growing pile of books that have not been read yet, I ate ALOT, I met up with close buddies, I shabu-shabu-ed, I played Jenga, I played lantern!! I skated (woohoo no more skater virgin),  I bbm'ed and WhatsApp'ed ALOT, and I didn't get enough sleep. Oh did I mention I ate alot as well? :p

Lantern :)

All in all, it was a good holiday for me. Woohoo ^^

Tomorrow is the start of five-day work weeks again (til 16 Sept comes around). But feel-good feelings aside, I need to do something about my weight and figure. Therefore, sd has kindly consented to go jogging walking with me this Saturday :D maybe at TTDI? 

the crazy lasallians after Shabu Shabu :D

I love holidays :)

Random note: I feel sorry for my books cos they have to be hidden away in boxes all around my room :( But I can't afford to get a bookshelf now, and even if I could, I have nowhere to put it :( so I am issuing a public apology to all my beloved books (that I have read and have not read). I am sorry you have to be hidden away macam pendatang haram. But I cannot show you off yet. When I get my own place, rest assured that I will display you in all your glory ya :D muaks!

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