Thursday, October 20, 2011

My boss praised me today.

It would have been something totally normal for a boss to do right? for an employee who works really hard at getting the job done, it is normal for a boss to notice that, and to affirm the person when they can see that their employees are doing something right. Granted, not all bosses are like that, so I speak for only a small majority for those who have bosses like that.

The thing about my boss is that, when you do a good job, he will affirm you (both my bosses will do that :)). This particular boss, will say thanks, and that's it. So imagine my surprise when he said more than that (which I will not reveal here), and he made me feel good about myself, that what I have worked so hard for, has paid off, and that they noticed my contribution, and that I am appreciated.

So now, I'm telling myself, don't let it get to my head, and work extra hard towards my goal.

The End :)

P/s: no particular train of thought for this post, just thought it's nice to be affirmed, that's all :)

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