Thursday, October 20, 2011

Real Steel

I have always wanted to watch Real Steel ever since the first time I saw the trailer during one of the movies I was watching.

Thanks to Churp Churp, I managed to catch the screening of Real Steel by Churp2 and Tune Talk, where I only need to tweet what I would wana do if I was a man of steel for a day. In the end after much thought, I said that I would melt myself, and remold myself with a better body shape (credits go to my Yew, cos she came up with it :p). Two days later, I got an email from Churp2 telling me that I have scored myself invites to the screening of Real Steel happening on Saturday, 8th October.

I was ecstatic!! :D

When Saturday rolled around, my sis and I bundled ourselves up into my trusty little Milo Tin, and off we trundled to GSC Pavilion to have dinner and collect our tickets. When we got to the Churp2 counter, we were a little saddened to get row K tickets (that's like, four/ five more rows from the front). But we decided to look on the bright side of things and was thankful that it wasn't the entire first row altogether :)

Fast forward to when we entered the cinema, we were pleasantly surprised that there was a can of coke (coca cola, not cocaine >.< ) and a small sized popcorn waiting for us on our seats :)

Double fast forward to the movie....

I think there need no mention of the synopsis of the movie, so jumping right in to what I think of the movie,


Possibly the best movie for 2011 (as at todate). I think it encapsulates what a good movie means. It has a good storyline, it has a strong cast (think Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lily :D), it has a great musical arrangement, but most importantly, it has heart and soul. I felt that this movie actually speaks to me, when looking at family ties, while not trying to make it too much of a fairy tale. It looks at mending the estranged relationship between father and son, and how the love for something can unite them into a whole, and pull back all the years of neglect and apathy. It looks at how love can really transcend everything else, and bring together two people who are perfect for each other, even over the course of a few decades.

Granted there are some parts which doesn't make sense, but hey, it's a movie. Some parts are bound not to make sense :p

So, if you have not caught Real Steel, please don't miss out. The experience wouldn't be as nice if you were to wait for the DVD to come out and watch it at home (unless you have surround sound :p)

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